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A sewer blockage is a common and expensive problem affecting homeowners in Australia. Nearly all cases of sewer clogs are caused by root intrusion. Roots from plants and trees can head towards your sewer pipes in search of water sources causing significant damage.

You are at a greater risk of having drainage issues if you are living in an old home. Terracotta or vitreous clay pipes were still being used in homes constructed on or before the early 1980s.

Conventional methods of pipe repair involve excavation which can be costly and disruptive to your property. Fortunately, a trenchless technology called pipe relining is rapidly growing in the country which is a great alternative to the traditional methods of pipe repair.

Pipe relining at a glance

Basically, pipe relining involves creating a new pipe within an existing pipe. A resin made of polyester and fibreglass cloth forms the interior of a damage pipe. This trenchless method does not require excavation, allowing you to preserve your lawn, garden or landscaping.

An overview of the pipe relining process

Step 1 – Damaged pipes are partially cleaned using a hydro-jetting machine to prepare them for video inspection.

Step 2 – A CCTV drain camera is used to assess the damage and to identify the cause of sewer clogs. This will determine if pipe relining is suitable for your problem. The drain camera can also be used to measure the damaged section for accurate liner length.

Step 3 – Once you agree to proceed with pipe relining, high water pressure blasting will be performed again to completely clean the damaged pipe. A clean surface will enhance the bonding between the damaged pipe and the lining material.

Step 4 – Following the cleaning process, the lining material is inserted and inflated using an inverter to form the new interior of the pipe. The liner is cured for a couple of hours depending on the diameter of the damaged pipe. Steam or hot water will be used during the curing process.

Step 5 – A video inspection will be conducted again for quality control purposes. This will ensure that the liner has been properly bonded to the damaged pipe.

Benefits of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining can offer a lot of benefits compared to traditional pipe repair which include:

    • Little to no disruption since excavation is not required

    • A pipe relining job can be completed within a day

    • Relined pipes are joint-free providing 100% protection from tree root intrusion

    • Pipe relining extends the life span of your sewer pipes by up to 50 years

    • Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is a lot cheaper

Pipe relining is recommended in the following situations:

    ✔ Sewer clogs caused by tree roots

    ✔ Recurrent sewer backups

    ✔ Pipes are located underneath your house or landscaping

    ✔ Broken or cracked pipes due to earth movement or house settling

    ✔ Misaligned lines due to improper installation

    ✔ Leaking sewer lines

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