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Plumber Five Dock Blocked Drain
Illustration of a blocked drain

Blocked Sewers & Drain Jetting

Narelle and Steve wandered for what seemed like hours for several weekends through various tile shop is Sydney. Steve was starting to get frustrated when Narelle exclaimed – THESE ONES! They were really nice tiles and Steve was ecstatic that Narelle had finally chosen the tiles she wanted. ..

Plumber Five Dock Hot Water
Illustration of a hotwater tap

Hot water repair & upgrades

Con was preparing to open a pasta shop in Five Dock. Using family recipes handed down through the generations he was sure that he would be able to earn himself a good living doing something that he loved.He had recently purchased a takeaway food shop using the money he had inherited from his.

Plumber Five Dock Emergency Plumbing
Illustration of a toilet

Plumbing – taps & toilets

The 3rd year apprentice paver was hard at work lifting up some old concrete that was going to be replaced with pavers in Five Dock. His boss had told him where to start jack hammering and to stick to the designated area so as not to damage any of the nearby utilities….

Plumber Five Dock Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining & Servicing

A trenchless technology called pipe relining is rapidly growing in the country which is a great alternative to the traditional methods of pipe repair.

Facts About Plumber Five Dock

Five Dock is a suburb in Sydney’s Inner West, situated 10km west of Sydney’s CBD. Five Dock is surrounded by water and boasts beautiful parklands along the Parramatta River. Due to the large expanse of water, there are ferries that run regularly along the Parramatta River to Circular Quay. Five Dock is a lovely area for families and those who love being outdoors amongst nature.

As is typical of housing in the Inner West, there is a large number of delightful period homes in Five Dock, including houses with Australian Federation architecture and of Californian Bungalow style. Needless to say, these houses were built early last century and beyond, with their plumbing constructed from earthenware pipes. Whilst these were built to last, such pipes can be ruined by the invasion of tree roots that can make their way through the pipes over time. Damaged pipes can result in sewer blockages, which can cause havoc to the plumbing in your home. If you notice any disruptions to the drainage of water in your toilet, kitchen sink and the like, call an expert plumber at Plumber Five Dock for fast and efficient plumbing services!

Plumber Five Dock Fact

Plumber Five Dock is your number one choice for fast, professional, friendly and affordable same day plumbing services. Call us today on 0402 290 290. As a way of saying ‘thank you’ to our customers, you can save $25 if you book a job with Plumber Five Dock online!


Plumber Five Dock specialises in the following services:

Repairing of pipework that has been damaged by the invasion of tree roots etc

Installing and repairing rainwater tanks at your property

A complete range of sewer system repairs

Servicing or replacing water heaters

Bathroom and kitchen tap repair and replacement

Fixing or replacing toilets that are faulty or aged

Numerous gas services, including the installation and repair of gas lines

Seven reasons why you should choose Plumber Five Dock for your plumbing needs:



Our Plumber Five Dock staff all wear neat work uniforms and are meticulous when it comes to cleaning up their mess after a job has been completed



We know how frustrating hidden charges can be which is why we guarantee you a price and are transparent about our costs



All our work is fully guaranteed and Plumber Five Dock promises customer satisfaction



Plumber Five Dock operates 24 hours a day, every single day of the year to deliver emergency plumbing services whenever you require them



In addition to reasonably priced services, we will look over your entire plumbing system while we’re at your property to let you know if everything is working as it should be



Our vans are fully equipped with the necessary supplies and our plumbers are on time and ready to address any plumbing issues you have



Our plumbers at Plumber Five Dock are highly experienced professionals who take great pride in the work that they do, consistently delivering work of an exceptional standard



Shared Story in Plumber Five Dock

Your Neighbourhood Plumber

How Plumber Five Dock came to the Aitkens’ rescue:

When Mr and Mrs Aitken noticed that the water in their toilet bowl was sinking very slowly after they flushed, they knew they had a plumbing issue that needed to be resolved. Sometimes a toilet that doesn’t flush is due to its age, which is typically why the toilet won’t flush properly in an old home. As the Aitkens’ toilet was only a year old, they suspected a water pressure issue. Mr Aitken tried to clear the blockage with a plunger but was unsuccessful, so he called Plumber Five Dock, who he had heard were reliable local plumbers right away. Mr Aitken was told that Plumber Five Dock’s vans were stocked with everything needed for toilet repairs and servicing.

The plumber arrived promptly and after giving the Aitkens pricing and a run-down of the possible reasons for the toilet blockage, he carefully examined the pipes with a sewer camera and discovered the culprit was a small soft toy! Mrs Aitken remembered her young niece running around the house with the toy earlier that morning and chuckled. The toy was removed by the plumber with a high pressure water jetter and the Aitken’s toilet was functioning as it should once again. The Aitkens were pleasantly surprised by the fast, efficient and affordable service that Plumber Five Dock had provided them with and assured the plumber that they would be calling Plumber Five Dock for any future plumbing needs.

For plumbing emergencies of any nature, call Plumber Five Dock today for expert plumbing services on 0402 290 290! We’ll take care of you!

“What Our Customers Say”

 – Paul 

Great Service from Matt, thank you

 – Paul – Great Service from Matt, thank you

 – Katherine 

Peter was very patient and helpful in answering my many questions.Very pleased with the service will definitely use them again

 – Katherine – Peter was very patient and helpful in answering my many questions.Very pleased with the service will definitely use them again

 – Evan 

Excellent communication and advice about likely future needs. As service visits go, a great relief and pleasant change

 – Evan – Excellent communication and advice about likely future needs. As service visits go, a great relief and pleasant change
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