Fixing a Toilet That Refills Unexpectedly

Toilets are important parts of the house. However, these toilets may be a cause of problem for many people. In addition, it may be worse if one does not know how to handle or even fix the problems. It may lead the owner of the house, spending a lot of money hiring plumbers to come and fix the toilet. However, with a little bit of research you can save yourself some considerable amount of money. At the end of this article, you should be able to troubleshoot your toilet problems as well as fixed them.


One of the most common problems there is a running toilet. This in other terms refers to the toilet tank refilling unexpectedly when it is not in use. Learning how the toilet works will make it easier for you to diagnose the problem and fix it yourself. When you flush a toilet, the handle of the flash lifts the flapper in the tank, thereby opening the tank outlet, allowing the water to flow out of the tank. When the tank is about to be empty the flapper goes back into place and shuts off the flow. The float ball when flashing falls and allows water into the tank via the inlet valve. When the water level of the tank approaches the overflow level, the float ball blocks the inlet valve thereby stopping the water flow in. The toilet is now ready for another flush.


However, for the tank to keep on refilling when not in use, it means that there is a leak in the toilet. You should start by checking the toilet bowl for any signs of water flow. You could shed more light on the bowl to provide more illumination, making it easier for you to detect the flow. If there is a leak, make sure that the fittings are tight enough. If the leaking persists, you may be forced to replace the washers that are found between the toilet tank and the shutoff valve.


You should also check on the tank flapper to determine that it is not leaking. You could add colored water into the tank. If colored water comes out into the bowl, then the rubber flapper is loose. You will have to replace the flapper. It is an easy exercise if you have the replacement that is of the right size. You should however make sure that the water supply is turned off so that you can do the repair with ease.


This is the above mentioned is the most common problem when the toilet tank refills unexpectedly. If you perform the repair and it does not work, make a point of checking on the float ball itself.