Finding Burst Pipes in the Wall

finding_burst_pipesSudden surges in water pressure and freezing are just two of the many reasons why water pipes burst. Burst pipes in walls can do a significant amount of damage. Some indicators of burst pipes include wet drywall, pools of water forming on the floor directly below the rupture, and hearing water dripping or spraying. There are other signs of burst pipes, and these are listed below along with the steps you can do to find them.


1. Using a wrench or your bare hands, switch the shut-off valve off to shut off water to your home. Also, switch off the shut-off valves on the hot water heater, sinks and toilets, the washing machine, and the dishwasher, since water is still flowing in these pipes even if you have already shut off the primary water supply of your house.


2. Check the walls for spongy, damp spots. Find areas where paint or wallpaper are falling away or bubbling out.


3. Examine the tiled walls of the bathroom and kitchen for pools of water. Check the part where the tiles meet the sink or tub for water that has pooled. You should also check where the kitchen tiles meet the counter-top or sink.


4. If you have shut off the water supply and left the home unoccupied for a week or two, find areas on the wall where mould has grown. You should look for green, orange, or black powdery spots on the wall.


5. Using a screwdriver, take out the plumbing access panel that is right next to the pipe damage. Check if there are breaks on the exposed pipe. If you cannot find breaks through the panel, obtain a tile or drywall saw and cut away the damaged part of the wall until you find the break.


Here are the other signs of a burst pipe:


1. Sudden water pressure drop. Pipe fracture is one of the reasons why it happens. For this reason, you need to either buy a pressure gauge which fits onto a tap or spigot to assess the pressure or contact a qualified plumber in your area to help you look for the reason behind the sudden pressure drop.


2. The smell of sewage. If you notice the smell of sewage in one portion of your home, a pipe may have leaked. As this may cause a health hazard in the home, it is a must to find the culprit at the soonest possible time.


Remember to always hire qualified plumbers as soon as leaking pipes are found. This allows the issue to be fixed before it worsens and does more damage to the property.