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  • Leaks or burst pipes

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Plumbing Emergency Five Dock

The 3rd year apprentice paver was hard at work lifting up some old concrete that was going to be replaced with pavers in Five Dock. His boss had told him where to start jack hammering and to stick to the designated area so as not to damage any of the nearby utilities.

He was working away in the midday sun and was feeling hungry as it was nearing lunchtime. He decided to finish off one last section before sitting down to lunch. He had his ear muff on and couldn’t hear the boss shouting out for him to stop. Before he knew it the boss was standing in front of him motioning him to turn off the jack hammer.

The apprentice removed his ear muff curious as to what all the fuss was about. “Mate you have just ruptured a gas line, see” The boss pointed to the copper pipe behind him. “Carefully put the jackhammer down and keep back, hear that hissing sound, that is gas escaping.”

Mike regretted the day he hired his wife’s nephew, although a good kid he just didn’t listen and now he had caused another delay to the project and was costing him money. Mike had used the services of Your Neighbourhood Plumber Five Dock previously, yes another one of his nephew’s mishaps.

He explained the emergency to the Five Dock Plumber and he arrived ready to deal with the gas leak as quickly as possible. The plumber was able to shut off the gas supply and excavate around the pipe before completing the repairs. He was a little surprised that they had used a jack hammer when the area looked like a utilities pit.

Mike explained the apprentice was his nephew and the plumber nodded in sympathy with Mike. Mike made sure his nephew did not operate the jack hammer again without close supervision.
If you have an accident where you have created a Plumbing Emergency in Five Dock don’t worry help is close at hand.
For emergency service call 0423 603 820.

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