Home Plumbing System Problems You May Face

The plumbing system, being one of the most hardworking systems in a property, is expected to break in some way or another. Below is a breakdown of the common problems you may encounter with the plumbing system of your property:

Leaking Tap
A tap will most likely leak due to the wearing out of a washer. A seal or washer of a compression tap, in turn, wears out due to being constantly under pressure. If not fixed immediately and a leak happens, fixtures can begin corroding, sink bowls can start staining, and much water gets wasted.

It is worth noting that some taps do not have washers. These are not that prone to dripping unlike compression taps. They, however, have parts that move, and these are sealed by O-rings. The O-rings need to be replaced occasionally; otherwise, a leak will develop.

Scaled shower heads
Shower heads develop scales due to hard water. Its salts accumulate on the shower head until a layer that prevents water from coming out is formed. Fixing this problem requires the removal of its faceplate and soaking it in vinegar for a night. It should then be brushed afterwards.

Bathtub spa jets are no longer working
If the spa jets of your bathtub are no longer working like they should, check the circuit breaker of the electrical panel if it tripped. You will need to reset it if it did. Another solution, one you can do if the first one does not work, is to check the pump if it has something called a ‘high limit manual reset’ or a different circuit breaker, and if it has either, then reset it. Call someone who knows how to repair this appliance if the problem still persists.

Clogged drains
If a drain is moving wastewater slowly down it, there may be blockage in its pipe or the vent system it is connected to. The use of plungers, chemical drain cleaners, or drain snakes usually fixes clogs caused by the former, although chemical cleaners are not advised due to the damage they might cause to the pipes and the environment. For clogs caused by something wrong in the vent system, you will need the assistance of a plumber.

While it is possible to fix some plumbing problems yourself, there are some problems that only a plumber should fix. When a plumber’s assistance is needed, make sure to only count on the services of the best in the field.