All about cleaning debris for your plumbing vents

When you get the feel that your drains are clogging and water is going on slowly, then you also need to look at the vents. This is because cleaning debris for your plumbing vents may be the solution here. These plumbing vents refer to all those black plumbing pipes that tend to stick out through the roof.


In order to keep these plumbing vents working properly, you need to check out the debris that may have collected there. This may be due to a dead bird sticking in there. Or else, birds may be building a nest there. Even some rodent carcass may be stuck there. And of course, this is a convenient place for leaves, dry grass, paper, dirt as well as other kinds of similar rubbish sticking in there. And if you have kids around, you can be sure of tennis balls and baseball balls stuck in there.


Once you know what is stuck up and choking your plumbing vents, it becomes so much easier to clear them off. In fact, the only way to clean them is by going up to the roof and then cleaning them. This is surely not an easy job. It will require quite a lot of effort. In addition, safety will be a primary concern in such a scenario. Hence rubber soled shoes would be a major useful item here.


Once you have reached the vent, try to remove as many items as you can with your hand. And where you cannot reach, make use of a plumber’s snake and push it down the vent.


In fact, you need to remember all these points as you are cleaning debris for your plumbing vents in order to keep your drains flowing freely. And in this case, prevention will be better than cure for you always.