Blocked Drain Specialists

Blocked Stormwater and Pipes Blocked Drains can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare but with us looking after your home drainage, you can relax. By using the state of the art and the latest advances in drain clearing technology such as the water jetter and the CCTV drain camera.

The main causes of a blocked drain – either storm water or sewer are:

  • Tree roots, get into your pipes and grow inside until they completely block the pipe.
  • Debris in the pipe such as silt and building materials.
  • Faults in the sewer line.

Clearing your blocked drain

Blocked Drains can be cleared in several ways, not all methods are suitable for your drain but once on site the plumber can assess the right method for you.

  1. High strength drain acid
  2. Plunging the toilet/sink
  3. RootX – foaming root inhibitor
  4. Bioclean – an environmentally friendly preventive drain cleaning agent.
  5. Water jet drain cleaner
  6. Electric Eel
  7. Dig up and replacement of sewer pipes.


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A Blocked Drain in Five Dock

Narelle and Steve wandered for what seemed like hours for several weekends through various tile shop is Sydney. Steve was starting to get frustrated when Narelle exclaimed – THESE ONES! They were really nice tiles and Steve was ecstatic that Narelle had finally chosen the tiles she wanted.

They ordered the tiles and also the pretty 3D board tiles. The sales assistant explained that the boarder tiles need to be installed the right way up and then be careful of spacing out the feature tiles evenly otherwise they can look funny.

Narelle called several tiles in for quotes and was surprised that one was very expensive, two were about the same and the fourth was the cheapest. Narelle had argued that she wanted to go for the cheapest quote and Steve argued that you only get what you pay for.

Finally Steve agreed to use the cheaper contractor and Narelle called and organised a time for them to attend to her house in Five Dock. They were late on the first day so she was not really happy that they left her waiting around. She helped them to unpack and lay out the tiles s they could understand which way the 3D boarders had to go. She busied herself around the house so she could keep a causal eye on the tradesmen.

The second day they had finished more than 70% of the wall tiles and were starting on the boarder tiles. She felt their stare as she checked on their work and pointed out some of the boarder tiles were upside down. It doesn’t matter the tile said, Yes it does Narelle exclaimed you have to fix them. The tile grumbled as he replaced the tiles so they all sat the same way.

Day 3 and they were all finished. The job was acceptable – just and Narelle paid the quoted price and they left. The next day when she used the newly tiles shower she knew something was wrong the water wouldn’t drain properly. She tried calling the tilers and they wouldn’t answer their phone.

Frustrated Narelle called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Five Dock to inspect the drain. He found pieces of tiles as well as some leftover cement had been put in the drain causing the blockage. Luckily he was able to clear it with a high pressure water jetter and didn’t need to cut out and replace the entire section or drainage.

Narelle had learnt her lesson, make sure the person you hire is trustworthy and knows what they are doing.

If you need a reliable and trustworthy plumber in Five Dock call 0423 603 820.

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